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Bent Garage Door Panel Replacement Masters - Orange County, CA


Unlike any other part of your door system, a damaged panel is very much visible, and hence calls for immediate repair. The bending of the door panel is one of the most common damages that can seriously affect your door.

Apart from hampering the appearance of a door, bent garage door panels also obstruct the performance of a door. Depending on its severity, it may hinder the opening and closing of the door and, in some cases, even prevent the door from opening or closing completely.

If you are looking for replacement of bent garage door insulation panel in Orange County, it is an excellent idea to hire the services of Orange County Garage Door Masters. Some bends in garage door panels can be repaired, while some would call for a replacement.

To determine if a minor repair will be enough or if a panel replacement is necessary, will depend on the extent of the bend in the garage door panels, and the availability of a similar panel. This is because some panels from very old garage doors cannot be easily found or are no longer manufactured.

Our teams of specialists also advise on what works well on the door panel after inspecting bends in the panel carefully.


Bends are caused by various reasons, some of them are mentioned below:


Minor accidents in the garage happen on an almost daily basis. You may be reversing your car, or trying to park it in the garage, and in the process you hit the garage door. This probably leaves the overhead door with bent panels. No matter how careful you may be, some accidents cannot be prevented. However, don't worry as we will help you in garage door replacement panels at an affordable cost.

Poor quality door panels

If the panels that were used to make your garage are of low quality, then they are more prone to bending

Poor installation

Another reason why the panels bend is a poor installation of a garage door. As a result of a poor garage door installation, the door may not fit properly on the tracks and this ultimately results in the bending of the panels.

Lack of servicing and maintenance

Like any other part, the garage door insulation panels bend due to several other damages, which can easily be prevented by proper maintenance of insulation panels of door. If you service the door regularly, you may be able to prevent these damages.


With us, you can always be confident to get a high quality service. We are experts and best known for garage doors repair service in Orange County, so you can always expect good services from us. We are always available to serve you. Once you contact us, we will send our experienced technicians. They will assess the bend and advise you on the necessary action required.

Our well-conversant customer care executives are our greatest strength. We value you as our customer and your satisfaction is our primary concern. We understand how much that bend on your door panel annoys you and we will work towards restoring its original shape.

Call Orange County Garage Door Masters today to book an appointment for repair of any kind of faulty garage door panels.


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