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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair - Orange County, CA


Garage door is meant to be functional all the time as it used as the main entry point in many homes. Garage door springs, with any other mechanical parts, tend to lose their flexibility and their ability to work efficiently over a period of time. This is why it is absolutely essential that you carry out an inspection of your garage doors frequently in order to ensure that you do not face any glitches abruptly. Regular maintenance and repair of garage door springs are important.

Many homeowners wish to carry out garage door repair on their own through DIY (Do It Yourself) process, which proves dangerous later. It is always best to get experts help as they have the knowledge and expertise in maintenance, installation and garage door repair services in Orange County.


To fix your broken garage door springs, it is essential to know about the types of springs available, as you would need to identify which one you have a problem with. Garage door springs come in a variety of sizes, types and with varied life spans. Their lifespans are based on the number of times a garage door is opened and closed.

Typically there are two main types of garage door springs which are used:

  • Torsion springs: These springs are used at the top of the opening garage doors. All the time they are under high tension pressure and stress as these springs carry the heavy weight of the door. Only professional garage door spring repair expert should carry out any repair on these springs. These garage door springs cause injury to inexperienced people who attempt to try and fix the problem. Torsion springs are usually used for garage doors that are heavy.
  • Extension springs: On the other hand, these springs can be found on either side of the garage doors, as they work to balance out the weight of the door. They are attached to a pulley and a cable that expand and compress as the garage door opens and closes. Garage door extension springs replacement should be carried out as soon as possible when springs are found at fault.

Damage to either garage door extension spring or torsion spring can result in the malfunctioning of a garage door and can also be a safety concern.


Broken garage door spring repair can be efficiently executed by Orange County Garage Door Masters. We assure you quality in the maintenance and frequent inspection of garage doors, so that your garage door does not stop working suddenly. Whether you live in Orange County, or nearby areas, our highly skilled technicians can come in handy. We have been carrying out installation services in Orange County for years, and can ensure quick and safe solutions to your broken garage door. Garage door spring cost in our company is pocket-friendly. We also give our customers tips on how to maintain their garage doors well, which in turn increases the life expectancy of garage door springs and openers. Our work is based on high safety standards because customer's safety is our top priority.

Call Orange County Garage Door Masters today to book an appointment for repair, maintenance and replacement services for any kind of faulty garage doors springs.


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